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Concur application

Most of the Concur APIs support four different types of requests: GET Used to concours beauté carlin query information within the Concur system.
Here a developer can find everything needed to facilitate proper communication with the Concur APIs.ApproverName string - The name concours fan fr of the report owners expense approver.When our students travel, there is improved Duty of Care, which enables the University to know where students are so we can communicate with them and reroute them should a risky situation develop.Values: adppayr - ADP Payroll; apcheck - AP (Company Check cnqrpay - Expense Pay; pmtserv - Other Payment Service.Request URL json example of a successful response "Name "Test 02 "Total 307.01, "CurrencyCode "USD "Country "US "CountrySubdivision null, "CreateDate "T23:33:08.21 "SubmitDate null, "ProcessingPaymentDate null, "PaidDate null, "ReceiptsReceived false, "UserDefinedDate "T00:00:00 "LastComment "OwnerLoginID "OwnerName "Jim Admin "ApproverLoginID null, "ApproverName null, "ApprovalStatusName "Not Submitted "ApprovalStatusCode "A_notf.Post new data into Concur allowing for programmatic creation of information.
VendorName string query The Vendor Description that is the vendor for at least one expense entry in the report.
Post Used to insert data into the Concur system.
Travelers and approvers use Concurs mobile app to book a trip, capture receipts, create and submit spartoo bon de reduction expense reports and approve travel.Format: yyyy-MM-DD userDefinedDateAfter DateTime query The report user defined date is after this date.PersonalAmount Decimal - The total amount of expenses marked as personal.Use PaymentTypeID from Response of GET Expense Group Configurations V3 to obtain valid payment types.For custom codes, contact Concur Developer Support.PaymentStatusName string - The reports payment status, in the OAuth consumers language.ReimbursementMethod string query, the method the report owner will be reimbursed.HasVAT Boolean query Determines if the report has at least one expense entry with VAT details.

During this presentation, together, we will review what you need in order to begin development of your Concur Application Connector.
The Statewide Travel Program provides the most economical rates available through the use of contracted travel-related services for airfare, car rentals, travel, and fuel payment system.