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Ear reduction surgery

The process starts with finding the surgeon you are most comfortable with.
Long hair can sometimes cover them up, but that's only temporary.Bilateral otoplasty is performed the same way as surgery involving a single ear, and has the same recovery time, potential complications, and benefits.Ear pinning combines removing skin from the back of the ear, cartilage sparing, and scoring techniques.Photo credit: Arizona Cosmetic Surgery.If your child has a severe ear defect that you have not talked to restaurant la remise bordeaux your doctor about, it's worth a conversation to determine if he or she is a viable candidate for otoplasty.Preparing for the procedure requires a lot of information, realistic expectations of the outcome, droit concours fonction publique territoriale and some practical considerations, right down to what to wear on the day of surgery.Large ears, known as Macrotia, are rare compared to protruding ears.
What Is Bilateral Otoplasty?
Reconstructive Ear Surgery, reconstructive ear surgery is a form of otoplasty used to correct deformities or injuries.Reconstructive otoplasty helps deal with severe ear defects that can come from birth or some kind of outside trauma.Reconstructive Otoplasty, traditional otoplasty is also known as ear pinning, where large or extruding ears are "pinned" back towards the patient's head.Ronstructive ear surgery blends a variety of surgical techniques and other reconstructive procedures to recreate a natural-looking human ear.Where will the Otoplasty Procedure be performed?Preparing for Ear Surgery, weeks of preparation for otoplasty are often required to achieve the best results.How to get started, new Body MDs staff and surgeons will be happy to discuss Otoplasty with you.All these parts of the ear can be corrected separately or together.

Please call our office to schedule a private complimentary consultation.
That's why otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, can be such a popular procedure for so many people.