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Formula 1 drag reduction system

In conditions of poor visibility, or if yellow flags are being shown in the activation zone, the race director may, at his absolute discretion, disable all such systems until conditions improve or yellow flags are withdrawn.
This picture down is one of the first pictures of passive drag reduction device ducting.Then, we have seen Mercedes test a similar device on their car at Spa 2012, with other teams rumored to have a system ready to test.Sauber designer Matt Morris said the innovation is worth between "a few hundredths to a tenth of a second per lap, and a tenth can make a huge difference when the cars are so closely matched.".With the exception of any minimal parts solely associated with adjustment of the rearmost and uppermost section, two closed sections are used in the area described in Article.10.2.Already, there are some concern that, because a cars top speed is decided when its gear ratios are chosen, the loss of drag from the adjustable rear wing will have a negligible impact on overtaking.Nine races featured fewer than 50 clean overtakes; eight races featured more than.When viewed from the side of the car at any longitudinal vertical cross section, the physical point of rotation of the rearmost and uppermost closed section must be fixed and located no more than20mm below the upper extremity and no more than 20mm forward.The highest ratio of DRS overtakes to normal,.e.There have been many attempts over recent years to improve overtaking in Formula 1 without much success.Nobody wants to have a system that makes overtaking a formality.The driver can manually return the wing to its normal level or hitting the brakes will achieve the same result.
Technical group wanted to prevent this by placing pivot point high, 20 millimeters from the tip of the trailing edge of the flap.
In the first nine races of the season, there were on average 21 DRS overtakes per race - on average, 45 of clean overtakes.The advantage of doing it this way is that they can make adjustments race by race if the concept isnt working or if its far too easy to pass, in other words make the "overtaking zones" longer or shorter depending on how its going.In this way, some kind of actuator will keep wing open, but if actuator is disengaged, aerodynamic forces and load on the wing upper side will close the wing gap and reestablish full downforce.1.18 - Driver adjustable bodywork :.18.1 The incidence of the rearmost and uppermost closed section described in :Article.10.2 may be varied whilst the car is in motion provided : It comprises only one component that must be symmetrically arranged about the car centre line with.Airflow around the wing separates from the surface of the wing decreasing its effectiveness, reducing downforce and drag in the same time.This allows the car to go faster, with reduced levels of downforce.Further to these restrictions, use of the DRS is prohibited: During the first two laps of the race, or the restart from a red-flag, During the first two laps following the end.This gives an average of 45 normal and DRS overtakes per race.Red Bull's technical chief.Although Lotus did use the system during pre-season tests, it hadn't appeared at a 2013 race until Silverstone GP crpe préparation concours round.

Its aim is to reduce drag on the straight for more top speed, and there is absolutely no connection with DRS or by FIA rules allowed moveable aero device.